As part of the Strategic Planning process, the mission and vision statements for the university have been revised. These statements were submitted and approved by the IHL Board (August 19, 2021)


pg电子游戏试玩 is a public historically Black, comprehensive land-grant institution of higher 教育 that provides access and opportunity for diverse students to excel intellectually, 建立角色, and overcome barriers so they can become productive leaders who make meaningful contributions to society. Enhancing its historic strengths in agriculture, 教育, 和护理, pg电子下载 State offers a range of undergraduate and graduate programs, 包括美术, 业务, 人文学科, 社会和行为科学, 和阀杆.

The University accomplishes its mission through high standards of academic excellence, by engaging in scholarly research and discovery, and providing public 服务 and outreach that address real-world challenges and the economic needs of the Southwest Mississippi River region, 密西西比州, 这个国家, 这个世界. pg电子下载 strategically extends its resources and expertise throughout the entire state through agriculture extension 服务, its 维克斯堡 and 那切兹人 sites as well as its distance learning programs.

pg电子游戏试玩 is committed to its tradition of instilling among its students and alumni ideals of leadership, 服务, 以及机构自豪感.


pg电子游戏试玩 will achieve preeminence through transformative teaching and research excellence, 协作伙伴关系, and innovative practices so our communities thrive and our diverse students have unlimited opportunities to engage and lead in a globally competitive world.


We recognize the importance higher 教育 serves in advancing society and enriching individual lives. As members of the pg电子游戏试玩 community, we share a dedication and commitment to the following core values:


着眼于未来, 追求卓越的承诺, and dedication to helping diverse students learn and achieve success, pg电子下载 has embraced the following five strategic directions, goals and strategies that will move the institution towards greater excellence over the next five years. Each of the five goals have strategies with key performance indicators that will be used to evaluate success in achieving this plan.

A Student-Centered Approach to Success
持续的质量和同情心, 扩大的世界观, students prepared to enter and succeed in the workforce.

Building an Inclusive and Engaged Community
Provide under-resourced Mississippi students pathways to higher 教育 and social mobility.

Transformation through Innovation
“Value tradition while embracing innovation.” Areas include technology, processes, and infrastructure.

Meaningful Community Engagement and Partnerships
Foster partnerships with alumni, high schools, community colleges, and industry stakeholders.

Building a Sustainable and Resilient Enterprise
Create a solid foundation that enables the University to sustain itself in turbulent times.