Socially Disadvantaged Farmers and Ranchers Policy 研究 Center


社会弱势农民 & Ranchers Policy 研究 Center (SDFR), a national center located in the Biotechnology building on the Lorman campus of pg电子游戏试玩, specializes in policy research impacting socially disadvantaged farmers and 农场主 (SDFRs) located across the United States. It is staffed with an executive director, 项目助理, 政策分析, 研究分析师, management analyst and communications specialist.


The Policy Center was authorized in the 2014 Farm Bill and was created to be a voice for SDFRs and to ensure that data driven information is available for Congress and other stakeholders. The Farm Bill specified that the Policy Center was to be located at an 1890 university.


2018年农业法案政策 created the Socially Disadvantaged Farmers and Ranchers Policy 研究 Center: “Title XII: Miscellaneous- Subtitle B: Socially Disadvantaged Producers and Limited Resource Producers amends the Food, 农业, 保护, and Trade Act of 1990 to direct the Secretary to award a grant to a college or university eligible to receive certain funds, 包括塔斯基吉大学, to establish the Socially Disadvantaged Farmers and Ranchers Policy 研究 Center.”


社会弱势农民 and Ranchers Policy 研究 Center is national in scope with a strategic focus on the 18 states with 1890 universities to assist in reaching the socially disadvantaged farmers and 农场主 in high concentrated areas. 虽然是全国性的, the Socially Disadvantaged Farmers and Ranchers Policy 研究 Center is located at pg电子游戏试玩 in Lorman, Mississippi in the Biotechnology building.


社会弱势农民 and Ranchers Policy 研究 Center at pg电子游戏试玩 is an outstanding geographical location to collect the data needed for research. This site is designated as headquarters of the Center; with satellite locations in other areas through partnerships with 1890’s Universities. Forty-percent of the black farmers in the United States reside in Mississippi and the four adjacent/contiguous states of Alabama, 阿肯色州, 路易斯安那州, 和田纳西州. The crops grown in Mississippi are a representative sample of crops grown by blacks in the south and will assist with an understanding of black farmers and their crops grown in other parts of the nation. 虽然, Mississippi has the second highest number of black farmers, the decline of black farmers and the loss of black-owned land in Mississippi are greater than other states. pg电子游戏试玩 has the premier Small Farm and Agribusiness Center in the 1890 community. In addition to providing broad-based technical assistance, the Center has a vibrant Small Farm Loan Program that has approved over 300 loans to farmers and cooperatives for a total of $3,000,自1996年起,共有000人, having a cumulative economic impact of $12,000,在这个州有000人. The Center and the Extension Program have connected farmers and their co-ops to USDA Programs in a substantial way. pg电子游戏试玩 has a solid working relationship with Mississippi State University and the Southern Rural Development Center that can assist with research and will use the collaboration skills learned within those partnerships to create collaborative relationships at a national level. In addition to collaboration experience, pg电子游戏试玩 currently houses a farmer and rancher policy institute that works primarily with socially disadvantaged farmers and 农场主.

For more information about the Socially Disadvantaged Farmers and Ranchers Policy 研究 Center, 联系人:

Eloris Speight

 (601) 877-6601


The mission of the Policy Center is to conduct research, analyze policy and make recommendations seeking to achieve equitable and economic integration of USDA programs and policies for socially disadvantaged farmers, 农场主, 社区, 农村土地所有者.


The 愿景 of the Policy Center is for the Policy Center to be the premiere authority for information on the history, 当前形势下, trends and future projections of socially disadvantaged farmers, 牧场主(sdfr)和社区.


 (601) 877-6601